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The Seller Isn’t Responding to My Offer!

You have made an offer on the home of your dreams and you want to know how long the seller can take to respond to your offer.  The seller can actually take as long as they want to respond.
The length of time a seller can take can depend on several factors, including the specific terms and conditions of your offer, market conditions, and any deadlines you may have outlined. Some points to consider:
  1. Offer Expiration: When you submit an offer as a buyer, you can include an expiration date and time, in which the seller has to respond. This can vary, but common timeframes are 24 to 48 hours. If the seller does not respond by the specified deadline, your offer is considered expired.
  2. Market Conditions: In a competitive real estate market where multiple offers are presented, sellers may respond more quickly to offers so they don't lose out on a potential sale. In slower markets, sellers may take more time.
  3. Negotiations: If the seller is interested in your offer but wants to negotiate terms or price, the back-and-forth process can extend the response time.
  4. Communication: Effective communication between the buyer's and seller's agents can also impact response times. A responsive and proactive real estate agent can help facilitate quicker responses and smoother negotiations.

It's important to communicate clearly with your real estate agent and specify your expectations regarding response times when submitting an offer. Additionally, be prepared for the possibility that the seller may not respond by the deadline, in which case you can decide your course of action, extend the offer, amend it, or explore other options.

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